Online Writings


Interview with Michel Foucault (November 3, 1980)

Book Chapters and Journal Articles

“Eight Kinds of Critters: A Moral Taxonomy for the Twenty-Second Century,” Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 43:5 (Sept. 2018), 585-612.

“Blurring the Boundary Between ‘Person’ and ‘Product’: Human Genetic Technologies Through the Year 2060,” The Hedgehog Review 13: 2 (Summer 2011), 55-67.

“Enhanced Humans versus ‘Normal People’: Elusive Definitions,” Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 0 (November 2010), 1-15.

“Icarus 2.0: A Historian’s Perspective on Human Biological Enhancement.” Technology and Culture 49: 1 (Jan. 2008).

For an excerpt from The Light-Green Society (Chapter 6, depicting an imaginary French ecological utopia some twenty years in the future), click here.

For an article entitled “Artificialization and its Discontents” (from the journal Environmental History, 2005), in which I describe five “hot themes” for the field of environmental history over the coming decades, click here.

Op-Ed Pieces

Guest Editorial, L. A. Times, 12 November, 2006: “The Dark Side of the Good War”

Op-Ed, History News Network, 5 February, 2007: “Three Lessons of World War II for Today’s Generation”